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Please feel free to look around my painting galleries.

I have chosen to break my paintings into separate groups to show you my two major styles: 
Portraits and Illustrations. 

My portraits focus mainly on individuals I find fascinating for various reasons. I enjoy learning more about them during the time I spend painting their likenesses. This has made and destroyed some of my heroes. I have also included some of my favorite portraits I have had the honor of being commissioned to paint.

My illustrative style developed out of trying to update and improve a stack of my childhood drawings. I have adopted the simplistic style and embraced the idea that rules (I didn't even know existed when I was small) are meant to be broken. Clouds and trees can be amorphous puffs, centered figures are acceptable and bold black outlines are delicious. These paintings are all about the freedom to create whatever I want without worrying about what critics will think or say.

Paintings: Welcome


Paintings: Portfolio

Leonardo Da Vinci

"Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard"

Paintings: Quote


Paintings: Portfolio
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